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Monday, March 30, 2009

Time For Bloody Revolution: What Jefferson Didn't Say.

Michelle "if I only had a brain" Bachmann, the perennial embarrassment to Minnesota, has once again shown her stupidity by misquoting Thomas Jefferson and using that misquote as a call for a "bloody" revolution.

Bachmann is treading on dangerous ground and this is the second time she has used her platform, as a, nationally elected official to call for armed insurrection against the United states.

The people of the United States including the people of the State of Minnesota, in overwhelming majorities elected Barack Obama as their President and choose Hope over Fear in the last election. This was done in accordance with the mechanics of the Constitution of the United States of America, set forth by the founding fathers, that allowed for a peaceful transfer of power and, therefore, precluded the need for a "bloody" revolution.

Her utter lack of understanding of that disqualifies her from holding office. How can you defend and protect the Constitution if you are willing to ignore it and bend it to your own personal views? The people rejected Michelle Bachmann's views and the views of her Party and voted for change in the last election cycle.

Unlike, Michelle Bachmann, who is a moron—and frequently attacks intellectuals as elitists—Thomas Jefferson was a massive intellect and who knew that men's natural rights to freedom needed to be protected, he was considering how that could be accomplished short of a bloody revolution every twenty years. Which was a major concern at the time. Jefferson's "musings" about the nature of "bloody" revolution were not included in the Constitution, because, his expression of that thought, prior to the actual writing of the Constitution, led to the construction and mechanics of a Constitution that allowed for an ongoing peaceful revolution and how that peaceful transfer of power should take place—by voting and limiting the length of terms in office.

The fact Bachmann misunderstood the context of the quote and has used it to call for an armed insurrection against the Constitution, she claims to, "love", disqualifies her as a Representative, and is a breech of her oath of office, "to protect and defend" the Constitution.

How can you protect and defend what you don't understand? She is a radical reactionary, and dangerous to the peace and stability this country, and should be recalled, and if she incites the violence she is advocating she should be tried for sedition.

Michelle, If bloody revolution were ever to be considered I have Two Words: PATRIOT ACT. Where were you then?

That's when; YOU and your fascist regime signed away OUR rights to private phone calls, OUR right against unreasonable search and in many cases OUR freedom of speech.

That's when; YOU and your fascist regime were, kidnapping American citizens and holding them without trial or legal counsel.

That's when; YOU and your fascist regime were, torturing prisoners of war in my name.

That's when; YOU and your fascist regime, approved Special Forces Death Squads.

That's when; according to YOU, true American Patriots could no longer hold political beliefs (opposed to yours) and they should be considered, "Un-American" and investigated.

That's when; YOU and your fascist regime, authorized, and sent, private mercenary paramilitary, armed with automatic weapons, to prowl the streets of a floundering New Orleans, instead of sending them the help they desperately needed.

If anything is apparent, it is that the views YOU hold, ARE definitely Un-American. You don't have the first clue what this country is about or what its founders were talking about, and which, YOU and your fascist regime tried to destroy.

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