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"No body could have done a better job than Obama, with the economy he was handed —including me!" —Bill Clinton—

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Letters From The Left To The Right: Dear Richard

The first Presidential debate has been touted by everyone as a "win" for Romney and a "loss" for Obama.

Richard said: I can't stand sore losers! You're candidate was unprepared, just as he's been for every single important issue that has come his way. Just admit that he lost the debate. You talk about lies? Isn't he still campaigning for the almost the same things he promised he'd fix almost four years ago and hasn't? Talk about lies!

I have  a slightly different take.

Dear Richard,—I guess you like being lied to—and you even admire the liar who in the space of: 2280 seconds lied to you every 84.4 seconds. That's 27 lies in 38 minutes.

Tell me one thing you learned in that 38 minutes. Tell me about how Romney will make America better. Tell me how he will make a 20% across the board tax cut revenue neutral. The last time a Republican did give a huge tax cut without paying for it the American economy tanked. Tell me how he will voucherize Social Security without forcing seniors onto the private market and into poverty. Tell me how he will cover pre existing conditions. His own campaign said that was not true the very next day. His tax Plan has been scored and it DOES add 5.2 trillion dollars to the deficit over ten years. Tax cuts for millionaires that don't need it. Paid for by YOU and me. 

Because everything he said was a lie—you learned nothing about his policies. Are you more informed about how he plans to raise your taxes while he gives tax cuts to millionaires? How he will create generations of poverty stricken seniors? How he will repeal Obama Care and force the poor back into emergency rooms for their primary care. That's part of the system Obama Care fixed! How he wants to start another war i the middle east with Iran. All of his foreign policy advisors are the same neo-cons from the GW Bush administration who got us into Iraq. If you were paying attention to his campaign during the primary—you would have known all those things. 

So how did YOU benefit from being lied to?  You didn't benefit because no one benefits from being lied to—especially in a Democracy? 

What I can tell you about Obama is he said he would end the war in Iraq. He did. He said he would bailout the auto industry and save American jobs. He did. He said he would find and kill Bin Laden. He did. He said he'd bring down unemployment to under eight percent. He did. He said he would pass HealthCare Reform—something many Presidential candidates have talked about doing since Teddy Roosevelt. He did. He said he would end the use of torture. He did. He said he would strengthen anti trust enforcement. He did. He said he would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers. He did

THE POINT: Romney is a liar. Obama is not. The four years of unkept promises you allude to is also a lie. After four years—I know 5.2 million more Americans are back at work. The stock market has gone from 6,500 to over 13,000. The Housing market is coming back. Osama Bin Laden is dead and GMC is alive. And while the recovery has been slower than anyone would like if it weren't for Obama and his policies we'd still be in a deep recession. 

The loser in that "debate wasn't OBAMA—the losers were TRUTH and the American people like you—who believed the lies and even admire the LIAR.  

Richard the bottom line is every one of the economic problems America faces was created under the Bush administration and FAILED Republican policies OF unwarranted TAX CUTS and DEREGULATION. So I can see how that you'd like to go back to that time in America where we were losing 850,000 jobs a month, the banks were collapsing and the world economy nearly tanked. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

WORD FOR THE DAY: Obstructionism

the practice of deliberately impeding or delaying the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures.

Commentary: The new jobs report—of 7.8 percent—and the fact that Obama has now  put 5.2 million people back to work—since his administration inherited the worst recession since the great depression—put wind in the sails of Obama and his supporters. 

And conversely once again confounded and deflated his enemies and nay sayers. 

This morning they became a collective mob of—muttering bah-humbuggers and "he must be rigging the numbers," conspiracy theorists. 

Which brings me to this nagging truth: Obama's obstructionist enemies have become enemies of this nation. 

By their own admission—they have been plotting his downfall from the day he was elected. 

Their only job has been to get the American people to fire Obama from his job—and in doing so they have been betting against America itself, hoping that the American recovery would fail just so they could put the blame on Obama. Every delay in helping America recover economically, has been a punishment, the obstructionist congress has inflicted on the American people, for electing a black man to sit in the oval office and occupy the white house.  

They have blocked bill after bill that would have made the recovery much faster and stronger. They have the lowest approval rating of any congress in American history and yet they have ignored the American people and continue their attacks on Obama even refusing to entertain bills that contain many conservative ideas—simply because Obama has endorsed them. The Health Care Act is a primary example—it originally came from an ultra right conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation.

But, in spite of their every effort to prolong this recession—that they and their failed policies created—Obama has proven to be a far better President  than they suspected and he has done a remarkable job WITHOUT THEIR HELP— in fact—IN SPITE OF THEIR CONTINUED OBSTRUCTIONIST TACTICS—he is prevailing. Their unrelenting hatred of Obama has blinded them to the real damage they haver done and are continuing to do to this nation. His singular focus on the welfare—of the 100% percent—of the American people is awe inspiring. And makes him worthy of another term in office so he can complete the recovery which began under his first term in office

The Republican led congresses only interest seems to be protecting the wealth and welfare of the 1%—for which they are willing sacrifice the other 99%.—to the point of sacrificing America's credit rating. *Maybe its time to fire them for the reprehensible job they have done and continue to do.

*  That the ELECTED might never form to themselves an interest separate from the ELECTORS, prudence will point out the propriety of having elections often.”       — Thomas Paine— 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney Wins—America Loses

The Plan Romney seems to have forgotten—maybe he should check his own website occasionally.

Commentary: All the hype surrounding last nights debate suggests that Romney outperformed Obama. If that is the perception—then America is the loser in the debate. It doesn't seem to matter that what Romney spewed almost non stop was one lie after the other.  

If lies—thrump truth—then we have sunk to a new low for taking the measure of a man's character and his fitness to hold the Office of President.

If telling America the truth makes Obama the loser then this nation is irretrievably lost.

Romney's opening was that he didn't have a tax plan that would reduce taxes across the board by twenty percent and that it would cost five trillion dollars over ten years. His own website talks about that exact plan.  Tax | Mitt Romney for President

That is only one of the multitude of lies Romney told the American people—someone calculated that Romney told 27 lies in 38 minutes. How do you counter that many lies in one and two minute rebuttals?

America deserves more than a Presidential candidate who's entire campaign is built on brazen mendacity—and bait and switch electioneering—that is geared to each audience he is addressing at any given time. In Boca Raton he reveals to his rich donors—his real feelings towards half of the American electorate and refers to them with utter contempt as moochers and victims. At the debate he relates stories of that same 47% with a new found fake compassion and feigned empathy. His only ambition is to become President in order to tear down the social network he hates and reward his fat cat capitalist cronies—and he will say anything towards that end.

The only thing Romney should have won last night was our contempt, in the same measure with which he holds at least 47% of the American people.