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Friday, April 10, 2009

Is America A Terrorist Nation?

"Collateral damage," sounds like an accidental, or unintentional injury inflicted by an innocent party like in an auto accident. No fault! It just happened! It was an accident! How could we have known?

Take a close look at the "collateral damage" caused by this American Nation. Do you see the anguish? The bloody stump? The Pain? The terror in their eyes? America did that! You and I did that! Now multiply that by tens of thousands.

American's have a disturbing penchant for deflecting reality, take the expression, "collateral damage" or how about, "enhanced interrogation" or "rendition" they sound benign. Clinical! Sterile! Unemotional! But the consequences are real and terrifying.

The ugly truth is America and the American people let George Bush—with our tacit approval—spend in excess of three trillion dollars to unjustly, without provocation, invaded Iraq and over the last six years deliberately kill and maim over one hundred thousand citizens of Iraq. Accidental? Unintentional? A mistake?

Three trillion dollars is no accident. Three trillion dollars is premeditated. Three trillion dollars is intentional. Three trillion dollars is deliberate. Three trillion dollars maimed this boy and has killed and maimed thousands of children like him.

I didn't know! Just won't cut it. It sounds too much like the Good Germans who didn't know that Hitler was killing and torturing 12 million people in his, so-called, labor (death) camps

The far right, war mongers in America will say, "it's part of war", or they will question the photo's authenticity, or they will ask: who wounded the child? American's or Iraqi insurgents? Like in their small reptilian brain that the distinction somehow it makes a difference. Ask the child if it matters who blew off his leg?

These are the same self-righteous, "twisted Christians" that cry over unborn fetuses and are stone-hearted when it comes to the undeserved pain and suffering of an innocent child, that happened to get in the way. Where is their "Christian conscience for this boy and thousands like him? They will split hair's as fine as any Pharisee.

They will rail at anyone, that suggests that this Nation can do anything wrong, wrapped in the flag and spouting their simple-minded jingoist mantra, "my country right, or wrong".

This country is becoming an ugly, empty shell of itself. A grotesque caricature of it's former glory. Where is our devotion to "human rights"? We no longer understand the connection between our "human rights and freedom. Our freedom springs from those right's not the other way around.

So, what are we defending by murdering innocent children? Freedom? Who's freedom—and at what cost—our soul as a Nation? Have we made Faustian deal with the devil?

We have subverted our language to such an extent we no longer understand that "collateral damage" means the death of innocent children—and that President Bush committed this foul murder in our name. That he and his cabal of power lied us into this war and have scandalized us and tarnished our name and sullied the legacy of this Nation. He has defamed all who have given their lives in defense of our Constitution and the "human rights" which it enshrines, for the world to emulate.

Has America become a terrorist Nation? Are we becoming what we seek to destroy? Maybe its past time for some soul searching and introspection and to bring those truly responsible to justice.

Commentary: Shame on us all for allowing this to happen in our names and not having the courage to speak out. It's not too late to do the right thing!

Sign the new petition demanding that Bush and Co. be indicted now.

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