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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trump's Birth Certificate Reveals His Jamaican Birth

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Clearly, the revelation of Trump's Jamaican birth in 1946 makes him a subject of the British Crown and ineligible for the Office of POTUS. NOTE: the seal of Jamaica at the lower right of the document in this FBI enhanced photo. Please feel free to distribute this photographic evidence as proof of his intended deception of the American people.

Further investigation shows that he is

the leader of a little known sect within Rasafarian culture that subscribes to the belief of "Ever-living" Its members believe that they will live forever on earth in the same body until the judgement day comes therefore must "come as they are" before god. For "the Donald" judgement day has come in the revelation of his "foreign birth."

His Rastafarian upbringing explains the dreadlocks-like hairdo—he has clung to "religiously" even at the expense of great personal ridicule. As a Rastafari he believes that adult males must never cut their hair.

Despondent over a sudden unexplained weight gain and this latest devastating news about his "birth"— "the Donald" flew home to his Rastafarian roots and let down his hair thus explaining the long standing controversy surrounding Donald's hair style. It seems that in Rastian culture adult males are forbidden to cut their hair and are required to Rastify when returning home.

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