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Friday, September 5, 2008

Great Speechifying John

John! Ya did it buddy, the demeanor, the pace, they were almost human, but the content, wow! What can you say about the content? It was every republican bromide without one single fresh new idea. Now that's what I call Conservative! Damn, pardner way to go! Way to put it out there! One little suggestion... I think the prisoner of war thing is getting a bit stale, you were in a prison forty years ago, thank you again, by the way. But, even the liberals have thanked you, so maybe ya could let that one ease on by from here on out.

But, John, you really scared me there, pard. You almost blew it Johnny, when you got that honesty thing of yours going, you said that the Republicans party screwed it up and you want America to give you a chance to screw it up some more. Oops I mean, "change things," using the same tax cuts for the rich formula, that your party has spread around forever. I get it more trickle down "voodoo economics", but, John, ya gotta keep that honesty thing under control! You recovered, but ya gotta watch it!

So, John, if you're gonna cut everybody's taxes who's gonna pay for your next hundred years in Iraq? You seem to have forgotten the war, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives it's cost, it is costing 10 billion dollars a month. That's a lot a dough John!

Maybe Blackwater? Maybe KBR and Haliburton or the oil companies, this war was for their benefit after all. What 'am I thinking the people that benefit from war profiteering with no bid contracts should chip in? Crazy me! Maybe the Chinese are still good for it! Or, I know! How about a bake sale?

By the way! Have you read the Party's Platform. It's a corker! I have and I agree with your statement "that you want to change things, namely: the Constitution.

About time too, what the hell did some sissyifyed men in white wigs and stockins' know about writing a Constitution? They were too damn "L-i-b-e-r-a-l", if ya know what I mean. Some ballsy, gun totin', moose guttin', lipstick wearin', hockey mom coulda done a better job. WOW, so that's why you picked Palin! I just now got it. You're brilliant, John.

By the way I was a bit lost at the end of your speech it certainly picked up the pace, but who are we fighting again? Oh' right, I get it, the dreaded liberal community organizers.

The one's that go into a community trying to help the poorest of the poor at great personal financial sacrifice, like a Harvard grad turning down a six figure income for a lousy ten grand a year. I mean what kind of qualifications are those. If you want to be "in the club"?

Hell, ten grand nowadays, won't even buy a pair of Farigamo's, gas for a private jet and pay the mortgage on seven houses. He must be a real nut job. I mean what kind of a person really puts SERVICE before SELF. Everybody knows that's just a slogan to win elections. Damn he must be dumb. I sure was glad to see you guys "put him in his place" with a little ridicule.

Well, John that's a lot to think about. As for another four years, can I get back to you? Say, Nov. 4th, no wait I can't do the 4th, you'd better make it the 5th.

John McCain, said something else that was true, about his party, that they didn't change Washington, Washington changed them. Sadly, last night McCain showed that he couldn't change his party, so he changed himself. paraphrased from E. J. Dionne Jr.Washington Post

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