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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Dream That Was America

If there was any doubt about whether John McCain is the agent of change he claims, it was laid to rest with Sarah Palin's acceptance speech.

Not only is his ticket more of the same, it's more of the same on steroids.

Sarah Palin's nasty, personal attacks were distasteful even in the dog-eat-dog world of American politics. It was completely devoid of anything that approached a new idea, that would bring this nation together to face the future. I was stunned that the press, instead of asking hard questions as they should have, sounded more like cheerleaders for her nomination.

A future that has been made less bright, by eight years of a Republican regime, marked by stunning failures in every area the Republicans have always claimed as their own.

Namely the economy, foreign policy, and protection of the Constitution.

As Palin spoke, I started reading the Republican platform. The fine print of what the Republicans are offering this country, if we rehire them this fall. Their religious, culturally driven agenda is stunning.

It is full of their disingenuous words that would strip certain groups of
their rights under the Constitution. The question is whose traditions and values? Not mine.

It suggests numerous constitutional amendments that would codify their narrow minded and self righteous views.

These are dangerous people, that worship a mythical ideal that never was. A christian America that never was, because,
the founders had first hand experience with religous persecution and didn't want a theocracy which is much too narrow in its view to include the kind of equality and freedom they envisioned. The separation of church and state was a deliberate choice.

Much like the nazi obsession with an idealized, heroic Germanic myth of aryan superiority in some forgotten age.
Their same obsessive nature allows them to dismiss groups they find repugnant and strip them of their unalienable rights.

That same sense of self righteous superiority allows them to lie deceive and push their agenda even through violent means, invading other countries on manufactured evidence that they leak to the press and then site as confirmation.

They have become masters of "Orwellian" double speak. And nothing will change under their continued administration. Except a dream that was America.

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