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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Robbing The Poor To Give To The Rich

Commentary: Something stinks to high heaven in the current economic and political life of this Nation. The inequity of wealth, the suppression of human rights, the small government advocates who want to meddle in our personal lives right down to our reproductive rights . Wisconsin should be a wake up call to all middle class and working Americans and act as a warning that the balance of power has shifted in favor of the rich and powerful who now run this country and own our government by virtue of their growing economic power.

Just one example of the growing disparity and outright lies being told by the Conservative Right is no where more glaring than the recent example of GE. They Claim: America Corporations are taxed at 35% the "highest tax rate in the world" Truth is: GE. as a U.S. Corporation made 14.6 billion dollars on profits in 2010. They paid $0.00 in U.S. taxes for the last two years—that's ZERO dollars. They Claim: Lower taxes will create U.S. jobs. Truth is: GE laid off 21,000 Americans of its American workers and closed 20 of its American based plants, And is currently asking the remaining American workers to take a pay cut. The result: GE CEO Jeff Immelt got a raise that doubled his salary. To add insult to injury although GE is not technically a bank it received $80 billion in TARP funds and 3.2 billion in tax benefits.

These are the facts and they don't square with what the Right consistently spouts as their core principles—because they are outright lies meant to misled us.

The following is an article I read and found to be illuminating and highly recommend it to you. Back at You, Glenn Beck | Common Dreams

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