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Friday, April 8, 2011

An American coup d'etat.

The sudden "discovery" of enough ballots in a Republican county, by a Republican civil servant to overturn the will of the people in Wisconsin is nothing less than an American coup d'etat. Sorry for the french, but, there is no English word for an overthrow of a government, it was a testament to the stability of the British government.

American's in their complacent belief that our democratically elected representational form of was immune from an overthrow have repeatedly ignored the warning signs—and have allowed this final assault on our last vestige of "our" power—"our" vote. Stealing our elections is the last step in consolidating their power. This is class warfare—not started by the under class but by the upper class. They have been waging it since the first man appointed himself king

We are the proverbial frogs in an increasing warming kettle too lethargic to escape our inevitable fate. Living in fascist plutocracy. We have consumed ourselves into corporate servitude.

A small dedicated cadre of right winged fanatics are gradually taking over step by step—they have managed to turn a government of by and for the people against itself. And replaced civil servants at key positions that can in effect entire election outcomes.

The most obvious remedy is a "Nationwide a day of rage" (any community organizers out there) and boycott of all products, multi-national.

If their are any really talented hackers out there that are up "for striking a blow against the establishment" well you get the idea. Can you hack her e-mails? Can you get to her computer? Maybe its time to take back our country from the Koch Brothers and the Wall Street!

Commentary: How about we all stop paying our loans and credit cards an withdraw all of our savings and put them in community credit unions—all at once. Or start a series of flash a mob demonstrations at the NY Stock Exchange, at CitiBank, at Bank of America, in the halls of Congress. Or at their mansions in the Hamptons.
How about we stop paying taxes like the rich have done.
How about we all stop paying our insurance premiums and really take back our health care system from the insurance companies that are the one's really driving health care costs.
How about we show them where the real engine of this economy lays.
How about only shopping at mom and pop shops support the local economy only.
How about we form community credit unions and make loans to each each other with reasonable interest
How about we ignore the pharmaceutical dictates and by our medicine from Canada.
How about we stop buying gas and walk or ride bikes at least once or twice a week until they focus some real attention on alternative energy.
How about we do it all everyday until their get the message.
How about we let them know it's not cool to buy "our country and screw over the American voters.

How about we get off our sorry complacent asses and create some pandemonium, some peaceful non-violent delicious mischief that hurts em where they live. In their...sorry I meant to say "our" pocket books!

I suggest starting with a boycott of all Koch brothers products.

The following products are made by Koch Industries - Democratic Underground

• Lycra Fiber
• Coolmax Fabrics
Georgia-Pacific paper and wood products:
• Quilted Northern toilet paper
• Angel Soft toilet paper
• Soft 'n' Gentle toilet paper
• Mardi Gras toilet paper
• Vanity Fair paper plate and napkins
• Brawny paper towels
• Dixie cups
• Plytanium plywood

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Alex Nugent said...

Its unfortunate, but in today's capitalistic society money is really the only thing that companies (or sadly politicians) listen to. I am a programmer and have worked hard on a potential solution. It is a new open-source product search engine we call filtericious. It's intended as a product search engine that lets people attach tags (for example Koch brothers), and then filter products when making everyday buying decisions. Our hope is to make the process of "voting your money" much easier.

The same site can be used to attached tags to politicians to help connect them with their policies and track what they do (and don't do).

We are trying to get this project launched with a kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/filtericious/filtericious-the-open-source-search-engine
also check out our blog: blog.filtericious.com