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Monday, March 28, 2011

"Inside Job": The Gang That Stole America

Inside Job - Download the FULL Movie by careysanforduj

I just watched "Inside Job", an Academy Award Nominated Documentary, on the Wall Street collapse. It's a stunning look into how this country really operates, and who is really pulling the strings. Hint: Some of the same big-named Wall Street Bankers that helped create the collapse who were in the Bush administration—are still in the Obama administration. There have been no prosecutions, and there never will be. Because, it would expose everybody's dirty hands. I highly recommend that you screen the documentary, and share it as widely as possible. Spoiler alert! There are no good guys—Democrat or Republican—with the exception of some minor players.

With that 20,000,000,000,000 trillion dollars—that's trillion with 13-zeros—worldwide banking collapse, two unfunded wars, and the continued corporate tax splurge give away'—"our so called representatives"— have bankrupted this Nation. And, It really doesn't matter who runs, who's elected, it's all just political theater to keep the mobs at bay, and the charade going until they have looted the country of every dime; including the Social Security "Trust" Fund.

And, if Grover "let's starve the beast and drown it in a bath tub"— Norquist, is to be believed, it was a deliberate act that would make it treason as well.

Their ongoing deception is to keep us at each others throats with divide and conquer tactics—while they and their rich buddies cash out and leave us a third world country—which they are now exploiting at will, as we argue about "the Donald—"I'll screw you"—Trump, or the latest home-schooled, bird-brain, bimbo they can scare up to run to "represent us".

One of their latest attacks came in the form of repositioning Social Security as "an entitlement", with a pejorative connotation. Like they have done with the word "liberal." Recently Republican Sen. Allan Simpson called "the boomers" the "greediest generation", because, they are now retiring and are starting to collect Social Security. As if we want something that in his twisted opinion is the same as robbing future generations.

First—I am sixty-seven years old, and I have been paying into Social Security for over fifty years. I worked my entire life to save that money for the day I could no longer work. Second—on "paper" there is a "supposed" 2.6 trillion dollar "surplus" in the Trust Fund to cover the "boomers." In good faith, we made a contract with our government—that if we faithfully contributed to the Trust Fund—that money would be there for us at in our later years. How does that make me greedy?

The dirty secret is that Mr. Allan—I'll steal you blind and call you greedy"—Simpson won't tell you is in the Reagan years, Mr. Simpson, and his colleagues, made adjustments to FICA contributions that generated a 2.6 trillion dollar "surplus".

It was sold to taxpayers as a fix to "save the Social Security Trust Fund." Perhaps Mr. Simpson forgot that, or maybe because his Senate pension is eight to ten times more—than the average SSI benefit of one-thousand dollars a month—for which he didn't have to contribute a penny of his own money—he just figures screw em.

But, all that extra money was too tempting, and the "Trust Fund" became their private "Slush Fund". With the complicity of the Democrats, they started replacing the money with I.O.U.'s. in the form of U.S. Bonds.

Those bonds are now due, but, after thirty years of corporate largess; two wars; a bank bailout for their banker friends, they have managed to bankrupt this country. There is no money to buy back the Bonds, because they stole us blind to cover their forty plus year binge.

But in the famous words of "the Dick—"Reagan proved deficits don't matter"—Cheney, said, in reference to the outrageous tax cut package, over the objection of the Secretary of the Treasury,
Paul O'Neill. "We won the midterms. This is our due." He fired O'neill that same year. And Allan, you thought "boomers" have a sense of entitlement.

Commentary: There is no Santa—no tooth fairy—no Easter bunny, and you can now add to that list—there is no American representational democracy.

The Financial Inside Job has been going on since the Republican led charge to deregulate the banks began forty years ago. The financial takeover of America is bad enough, but
may be even worse is the Political Inside Job by the Right Wing to destroy our democracy—by turning popular opinion against—the government, of, by, and for the people,—they have done irreparably damage with their out right lies. And tactics like stacking the government with their incompetent cronies like Michael—"what hurricane"—Brown at FEMA and then saying see government doesn't work. They create the very examples they use to discredit the government. With the deliberate goal of undermining the electorates trust in it's own government.

They have already destroyed our "democratic republic"—as they no longer represent the interests of the electorate—they only care about where they can get money to keep them in power—that makes this country a plutocracy at best and a fascist plutocracy at worst.

Wisconsin is a very bad sign of things to come. The evidence is mounting that there is an organized right wing junta in key positions in every state in America—ready and willing—when they hold a majority to systematically dismantling of the political structure of this country. They destroying the rights of the working class for the benefit of the wealthy.

Please stand in support the workers of Wisconsin.

Until Americans wake up and start a backlash, like in Egypt—nothing will "really" change except the name of the next ruler they choose.

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