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"No body could have done a better job than Obama, with the economy he was handed —including me!" —Bill Clinton—

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sky Is Falling, But Only On Some Of Us

The sky was falling according to, Republican appointed, Wall Street Republican insider, Henry Paulson who first alerted America to the unpleasant fact that after eight years of Republican fiscal irresponsibility and voodoo economics, America was broke. The banks were in crisis and credit was frozen.

Paulson said, he needed money and lots of it, so, he picked a big number out of the air and gave it to the Republican President and the Congress who put it in a bill, which, with a fly by, from John "Mighty Mouse" McCain, was passed, by both House and Senate with some feeble mumbling from the Republicans.

And who did Mr. Paulson bailout, the banks, who of course are still not lending and don't seem inclined to anytime in the near future. Instead they paid themselves some big fat bonuses and bought up other failing banks. So their crisis has became Obama's crisis.

This recipe for disaster Obama inherited, was a combination of financing, (borrowing 2 billion a month for seven years which we didn't have from China), an unnecessary war in Iraq and a perpetual war on terrorism elsewhere, while cutting taxes (the revenue to pay the bills) along with the Republican's, manic deregulated, house of cards, combined with bad trade policies, and years of shipping jobs over seas, finally collapsed under the weight of a mounting debt and shrinking revenues.

Now the minority Republican remnant in the House and Senate, authors of that utterly discredited financial clap trap, are stalling legislation and telling everyone that they have the answer to solve this crisis, of their making—MORE TAX CUTS. The less mentally nimble are once again buying into this Republican siren's song of disingenuous nonsense and thereby are helping to delay, and thus prolong and deepen this Republican generated financial tsunami.

My question is why is anyone in this country listening to these fools anymore? Their comedic farce would be laughable, but it is having tragic consequences for those of us not living in their gated and privileged world.

People are losing hope and killing their families and committing suicide rather than go hungry and homeless, but do the Republican ideologues care? Hardly they are more concerned with their political ideology and establishing a "brand" (image) as tough sentinels of the peoples money, as the very Republican Mr. Boenher said recently. This is their way back to power, was the gist of his Republican remarks.

Are they in touch? Do they care? Their callous indifference to the suffering, that their policies are inflicting is staggering, to the point of depravity.

How many more desperate souls need to die for Republican ideology before Americans wake up and demand, what the Constitution provides, a government that is responsive to, "we the people", and not to, "we the rich and greedy".

So if the Republican sky hasn't yet fallen on you—I would urge you to call your Senators and Representatives and tell them, PASS THE STIMULUS BILL NOW!—before it does.

It's your country take it back! Vote out, impeach and recall, the ones that still aren't listening!


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