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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Danger of Playing Fair

President Obama is at peril in the early stages of his presidency by thinking he can forge a new paradigm for politics in this country by playing fair and building consensus with the Republicans. He is right that Americans' want a return to civility in politics, but he should be wary, because he is at risk of looking weak which will be exploited to the fullest by the far right.

That's because their agenda has not changed and the radical right are still a ruthless bunch of paid corporate stooges. Far from not having a clue about what the American people think or want is of little concern to them, they have something more important an agenda.

In power or out makes no difference to them their single minded purpose is to replace the political system in America. The radical right are fascists and their goal is a new world order with the rich and powerful owning all of the world's resources, which they are very close to accomplishing. George W. Bush gave us subtle hints when he referred to an "ownership society" and a New World Order. His grandfather Prescott S. Bush* was an admirer of Hitler and he supported him financially. There is evidence that he even plotted to overthrow the government of FDR. The plot came to an end when Major General Smedley D. Butler** - USMC (Ret) blew the whistle.

In office the radical right stacked the deck in favor of the military industrial complex that profits from an endless war on terror. The radical right enrich the power elite by giving them unfair advantage in owning the natural resources of the world in the form of oil leasing rights at a fraction of their value, the same is true with regard to the timber rights, resources that rightfully belong to the Nation are in the hands of a few rich "owners". Have you noticed that only the super wealthy can even afford to run for office anymore.

In earlier administrations they funded the right wing death squads of South American dictators in exchange for their countries natural resources. In office the radical right passed bad law, after bad law that undermined the fundamental rights that were once guaranteed by the Constitution.

They approve torture and kidnapping at the highest levels of government. They started wars that kept the office of President at a perpetual level of Commander-in-Chief which by definition gives him expanded powers he does not possess in times of peace.

Their last act, the bailout, was to rob the American taxpayer and keep them enslaved for generations to come. The banks that were given billions of dollars, with no strings attached was a reverse socialism, that was taken from the poor and given to the already rich. Have you noticed that the banks that received this windfall have not started lending again and some heave even expressed that they have no intention of doing so in the near future.

When out of power the radical right use the checks and balances provided by the Constitution to stall critical legislation and hold nominees hostage. They lie outright and with a boldness that is audacious and breathtaking. Their strangle hold of the Mainstream Media, that regurgitates whatever will suite their aims and ambitions. They make monumental controversy out of trivial events that keep America distracted from their real agenda.

Their paid media jackals who were silent during the Bush administration even amidst his most flagrant abuses of power were in full attack mode before Obama even took office, some went so far as to blame him for the financial collapse. They have instituted an Obama watch and plan to make his every move an ordeal that will grind him into irrelevancy just like they did to Bill Clinton.

Some on left in this country think that the right doesn't get it. I even held that view for a brief time, but, have since come to assign the right with more sinister motives. Trust me the radical right get it, they wrote the rules of the game, which is there are no rules for them, just the other guy that gets in their way. I am afraid we are the ones that don't get it and we won't wake up until it is too late.

Obama is already being undermined by the Generals and Secretary of Defense Bill Gates in regard to his promise to leave Iraq in sixteen months.

My advise, is to fire them like Truman fired MacArthur because the danger of playing nice is that your opponent never will, the radical right view you as a stumbling block one more obstacle they need to deal with in order to achieve absolute control.

Remember the Republican leadership said they wanted to achieve a single party that had perpetual control of the government. If that sounds vaguely like Hitler's Nationalist Socialist Party you are correct, because under the thin veneer the radical Republican right is fascist at its core.

The real danger of playing fair is that you don't know who you are playing with.

Someone once said, "The devil’s greatest trick is to make men believe he does not exist."

Maybe the radical right's greatest trick is make us believe they don't get it. It wouldn't be the first time playing dumb has been employed as a successful strategy.

Our only advantage is understanding who they really are, and that we outnumber them 1,000,000 to 1, that's why they use the politics of divisiveness, and wedge issues, it keeps us fighting each other instead of focusing on them and their real agenda.

* http://republican.meetup.com/boards/thread/3317707
** http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/COA404A.html

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