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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Outsourcing of American Democracy

Commentary: Confusion works to the advantage of the enemies of freedom and liberty in the public discourse. It is to their benefit to sow as much disunity and misinformation as possible among us, to generate bickering and arguing about minutiae and the inane issues of life—as long as they are able. It is the age old trick of deception by distraction.

What This Fight Is NOT About:

Therefore let me disabuse you of the notion that this current, rancorous political caterwauling is a fight between left leaning and right leaning Americans. To be clear there is only one issue that matters—and—that has ever mattered.

In the broadest sense—that one issue—is the ideal, that is America.

A government OF, BY, and FOR the people.

And whether it survives.

Therefore in the narrowest of senses:

This is not a fight over abortion—its none of your business and certainly none of the governments business

—its written in the Constitution.

This is not a fight over gun rights—you have the right to bear arms

—I own one too—its written in the Constitution.

This is not a fight over marriage equality and gay rights

—they have the right to marry its written in the Constitution

This is not a fight over policy issues such as Affordable Health Care Act

—it was originally a Republican idea and John Adams signed a mandated health care bill for the Merchant Marine into law in 1789—its Constitutional get over it.

This is not a fight over so called "small" government

—that is somehow large enough to monitor women's vaginas.

This is not a fight over low taxes and marginal rates for gazillionaires

—even the father of capitalism Adam Smith said shut up and pay your fair share of taxes!

This is not a fight over socialism v. capitalism and competing economic theories

—communism is dead and we all love capitalism.

This is not a fight over "illegal aliens

—we are all illegal aliens at some point in our collective history.

This is not a fight about whether Obama was born a US citizen

—he was—get over it.

This is not a fight about who loves America more

—just as many democrats have died in defense of this nation as republicans.

This is not a fight over any of those manufactured wedge issues that have been foisted on the American public meant to divide us.

What This Fight IS About and Who Benefits From It:

However this IS A desperate fight over whether we survive as a Democracy

or whether we become a plutocracy run by the mega rich.

THAT is the only truth worth fighting for or about.

Who are these enemies who have spent vast sums of their personal fortunes to BUY the entire Republican Party and Suppress the opposition even to the extent of rigging elections in their favor?

They are morbidly cynical.

They DO NOT care about the suffering of others.

Especially yours.

They are sociopathic personalities of the highest order with an exaggerated sense of self.

They worship at the altar of the quack philosopher Ayn Rand who made a fetish of narcissism.

They do not believe in Democracy.

They are quite capable of running corporations by fiat.

They are much more at ease with a small dedicated cadre of easily duped,

obsequious ardent followers that will obey them without question.

They are the masters of the universe, lords of the earth—the "tyrannus reges humanitatis" who have always been among us—who prey on us and fed on our bones.

They are the modern versions of Pol Pot, Hitler, Nero, Caligula and Ivan the Terrible.

They have always been with us.

They have always had the will to dominate us for their benefit.

They have bought and sold us into economic—and in times past—physical bondage and enslavement.

They hate the idea of equality.

They believe that no one else is their equal.

Their arrogance is evident in their attempt to destroy this Democratic Republic.

They bristle with contempt at regulations meant for "lesser men"

They scoff at laws meant to protect others especially from their base instinct of greed and their acquisition of power to influence the American body politic.

They are Greedy beyond imagining.

They are a cabal of Mega rich who have stolen the resources of the world for their own benefit.

They are megalomaniacal in the pursuit of power.

They are accumulating wealth at exponential speed without regard for the consequences of their actions.

They are eroding the foundations of our democracy and laughing all the way to their off shore Cayman Island Banking accounts.

They are the one percent.

And they are pimping America like a whore that can be bought and sold at their whim.

Make no mistake: There is class warfare—there always has been, history proves that—and there always will be, the recent sustained union busting efforts in Wisconsin is the recent proof—and right now that warfare is being waged on us—not by us.

Our American Democracy and our liberty as American's is at stake—when a few rich powerful men can buy and sell our political system.

They are an egregious affront to all Americans and most certainly to every American that has served, fought, and/or died in defense of our freedom.

These wealthy few are pissing on the graves of our fallen heros—from the dead Minutemen at Concord to Sgt. Erik N. May, 26, of Independence, Kansas., who Recently Died July 14, 2012, in Ghazni province, Afghanistan.

Seven days before his assassination JFK said:

"There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.

Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot."

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