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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bigger the Better

The Republicans obsession with a small un-intrusive government—so that their real constituency the uber-rich can work their will in economic affairs without consequence—on one hand—flies in the face of their intrusive micro management of our personal freedoms, that are in direct conflict with our human rights as spelled out in our Constitution—on the other.

They railed at any idea that businesses should have any meaningful regulations that safeguard against a collapse of the banking system while paying their fair share of taxes, and at the same time they were "enraged"—that the banks needed to be bailed out—when in fact, the bailout was orchestrated by them for their friends on wall street—after they led a decades long campaign that gutted the regulations that had held banks in check for decades, and when democrats tried to restore sanity and reform they voted against those reforms to a man. Enraged, really?

Yet those self same avowed small government shills have no problem interfering with a woman's right to control her reproductive life, or denying the rights of gays to legalize a union with the person they want to spend their lives with, or hampering the free speech of someone who wants to burn the flag as a protest against the excesses of our government and its destructive policies abroad, or suspend habeus corpus for the purpose of torturing those they deems "terrorists" or insinuate that this nation is a "christian nation" which would be quite a shock to the Founders, who deliberately called for separation of church and state in the first amendment, or spying on its citizens without a warrant. And now they want to abrogate the 14th amendment in the state of Arizona by denying citizenship to people born in this country whose parents are not citizens.

All amendments it seems are fair game to them except for the 2nd amendment which gives their more fanatical and increasingly unstable "ditto-head" followers the impulse to shoot the representatives of the opposition on sight—because they have incited them with their hate-filled rhetoric—much like the Nazi incited hatred of the Jews, liberals and gays prior to the take over of Germany.

To say that Republicans are opportunists and use peoples fears as political fodder to divide us—is to give opportunists a bad name. They are far worse. Their agenda does real damage to the Constitution and undermines our freedoms.

They have twisted history, lied, cheated and have stolen elections. This is not a new political scenario—undermine the government at every turn while exerting greater and greater control over peoples personal lives. The Nazi did it in the 1930's and 1940's and unless we are vigilant the new American fascists will do it here as well.

Contrary to popular opinion—the threat is not from the liberal left, but from the fascist right.

The founders were clear that a big robust government is the best defense against any one party or faction trying to take control and work its will for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many and spelled it out in the Federalist #10.

The Republican small government mantra is diametrically opposed to that wisdom and is a big lie—told in order to subvert the Constitution and the government that stands between you and their predatory natures. Ask yourself, If markets are the best most efficient way of producing wealth and stability—as they claim—why do they fail so often? In truth, the markets are a ponzi scheme run by rich men who think nothing of robbing you blind, because they have no allegiances to this country—only their own greed—why do they ship jobs overseas? Because they put their profits above your welfare! Why do they rail at paying taxes? Because they put their profits above this nation! A small government leaves us weak and defenseless against the powerful and the rich who would exploit us.

They could care less about you, jobs, gays, the flag, or abortion they use those issues to turn you against your own self interests.

Commentary: The Nazi used the German people in a similar way and in the end destroyed them and their nation. The problem is this time there won't be an America that comes to the rescue. We will have become what our fathers and grandfathers of the "Greatest Generation" fought against.

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