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Thursday, August 6, 2009

America: A Dream In Distress

As a disillusioned political observer I have come to the conclusion that The American Dream is a web of carefully nurtured deceptions that is unravelling at an accelerated rate.

Until 2000 I was too busy with my life, career, and raising a family to notice. I was lulled by my successes into, naively, believing that everything was alright, unaware of the titanic struggle for power and control of America's soul. I woke up too late.

I've seen the men behind the curtain who manipulate peoples emotions for power. The "man" behind the curtain is actually a group of rich powerful men who are running a Ponsi scheme where they own everything and we suckers chase after "the reality" they have created.

Some of you are light years ahead of me in coming to the same conclusion. Some are far behind me. Some will never wake up. Never the less the hard cold truth is, we have traded our away our lives in pursuit of "el dorado", that mythical place of untold wealth and self indulgent excess, where if we buy enough of something we will achieve bliss. It is a lie, told and retold so many times, by so many people, including myself, that we live in a stupor of "reality" that is artificially contrived.

The plain truth is that we cannot sustain the American Dream and we should not try. It is utterly irresponsible to future generations. The American landscape is littered with devalued "McMansions" nobody can afford, this failure of the real estate market, where most Americans' "wealth" lies, was the first crack in the foundation of these lies and self deception. That artificially, over-inflated market brought about the the collapse of Wall street. The bubble burst and lives were changed dramatically. Bernie Madoff went from genius Wall Street guru to goat, from a 5th Avenue penthouse to a 6x9 foot cell. And the victims of the Madoff's uber-sociopathic personality, were forced into poverty and some into homelessness. AGI went from a solid international financial giant to an example of American hubris, greed, and retched executive excess. Masters of the universe undone. America went from being, the grandiose, self proclaimed, "wealthiest nation in the world" to a worldwide financial pariah. The biggest dead beat on the planet.

Until recently I still believed that the fundamental expression of equality and freedom of the founding fathers was still in play. And still worth the struggle. Another self deception. The plain truth is we can't effect change because the oligarchy own and control everything including, Congress, the Courts, and the mass media. The problem with people like me is we that we think that by speaking out we can effect a change in the ultimate direction and course of the game.

But the message is drowned out by false messiahs like Hannity, O'Rielly, Limbaugh and their legion of "dittoheads", who are too stupid to have an original thought, and are unintelligent enough to actually self-proclaim the pejorative, that "dittoheads" implies, as in, mindless repeaters of sophistic nonsense.

These shills, are the well paid Judas goats who lead many to a false sense of security with a smug arrogance of outright deception, the ultimate insiders playing everyone else for suckers. A prime example are members of the Tea Party that invade town-hall meetings to shout down anyone they disagree with, about Health Care. Just like at the Peace Rallies of the sixties, that were invaded by provocateurs, paid stooges, who incited violence to give police an excuse to break bones and curtail our fundamental right, to peacefully assemble and petition our government for a redress of grievances, which led to unarmed students being murdered at Kent State.

Reason is a noble pursuit, but, ultimately futile, which it is why men's conflicts so often degenerate into war and the needless deaths of those who have no stake in, "the game", getting and controlling real wealth, the natural resources that every human being relies on for their existence.

This is my last post about American politics. My final advice is: if you can, get a piece of land, grow your own food and live a simpler life, one that has sustained the human race for thousands of generations. I am taking my own advice and I am unplugging from the matrix.

Who knows if the mood strikes me my next post maybe: How to grow your own food and raise chickens in rural Minnesota.

Hasta la vista!

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