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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Human Shield In The Torture Debate

The Republican's have adopted a "human shield defense" tactic, to forestall the prying eyes of public debate on torture. They're threatening to politically assassinate Nancy Pelosi.

It reminds me of the black and white, overacted, grade B , gangster movies of the 1940's.

A small time gangster, and three time loser, is on the lamb with the last member of his gang and his girlfriend, usually a dull witted platinum blonde, who has been his unwitting accomplice in the enactment of numerous crimes.

After a botched bank heist, where Bugsy has killed a heroic bank guard, the only support of his ailing invalid mother, and some innocent bystanders, he and his gang are shot up and bleeding, they have escaped to their hideaway somewhere in the hills. It's midnight and pitch black. It's a stand off. They are surrounded by cops.

The scene inside the cabin builds to a crescendo, as the gangster realizes he's been betrayed and that he's done for.

He suspects that he's been betrayed by his second in command, the last of his gang still alive. He confronts him and in a fit of rage, shots him. The dying man gasps out: "It was Nancy boss!" "She knew all along I swear". Now realizing that she was the one that double-crossed him. His stone cold stare burns through her with contempt.

Suddenly a bull horn from outside breaks the tension as a voice rings out: "Dick, you're surrounded, throw out your guns and come out with your hands up!" You've got three minutes and then we'll open up! Three minutes!"

Panic sets in, beads of sweat pours from his face, his eyes dart back and forth, his mind racing—He'll get the chair this time for sure. In panic and, desperation he dramatically grabs the moll around the neck from behind. He forces her to a window.

He aims a gun at her head and in close up, says in his best bad impersonation of Jimmy Cagney: "You'se coppers had better back off, ya see or I'll blow her brains out, ya see! She's a "dirty rat' ya see! I'm not foolin around, ya hear me coppers? If you'se com a step closer I'll plug her. She's done for! Ya hear me out dere, coppers?!

A piercing shaft of light cuts through the darkness and exposes the two last survivors of the gang, framed in the window. He, and the gun moll die in a hail of lead spewing forth from a fusillade of "tommy guns" welded by G-men. His last words "I didn't think ya'd shoot a dame!

Like the gangster, the Republican tactic of threatening to politically assassinate Nancy Pelosi is about to backfire. Because, unfortunately the human shield they have chosen is Nancy Pelosi. Like the double crossing schemer of a gun moll in the movie if she dies she dies, so what? If she is exposed, the Republicans, like the cornered gangster will have no where to hide.

What did she know and when did she know it? Who cares?

So Newt keep pushing, because the sooner Pelosi goes down the sooner we get to the real "dirty rats in this whole sorted mess, let the chips fall where they may.

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