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"No body could have done a better job than Obama, with the economy he was handed —including me!" —Bill Clinton—

Monday, November 10, 2008

Will America Regret Electing Obama?

After the stunned realization that Obama has really won, and the pent up joy of utter relief has dissipated, there is the very real human reaction of asking, now what? Can he deliver what he promised? Will he fail?

I already hear the voices on the far right and the far left buzzing about how he will fail and ultimately disappoint because he is not liberal enough or that he is a socialist and will lead the country to ruin.

The truth is, he is neither the messianic savior of the world, some on the left have made him out to be, nor, is he the rabid uber-liberal, as, the right have portrayed him. He is just a fallible human being.

To be sure he is one of, if not the most gifted politicians I have seen in my lifetime. And that includes FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ and RWR. His campaign was a master stroke of poise, he exuded a calm deliberate reassurance, especially to white voters like myself. His demeanor made McCain look harried, confused and erratic by comparison without ever directly mentioning McCain's temperament or age. Because, if I may resurrect a phrase from my youth; He is cool man!

Given that, there is a real danger, that we have read into this man, our greatest hopes and projected our greatest fears on him and when his feet turn to clay as they must, we will turn on him and that ultimate disappointment, will turn into resentment and anger. The inevitable, "I guess he was just another politician saying anything to get elected", will follow.

But if we do, we have missed the entire point.

Because, I would argue that he has already given us everything one man or woman can give another, the ability to see the possibilities and not the impossibilities, which is, in short, the ability overcome any obstacle or shortcoming that they might encounter.

Therefore, I believe, he has delivered on every promise he has made, he has given us, the realization that no matter how insurmountable the obstacles, or how daunting the challenges we face, that together we can overcome them.

He has shown us, not only, that the founders dream, lives, and was not just some noble utopian ideal, but that it was attainable, and is, therefore, sustainable. He has shown us that; Yes we can achieve equality for everyone.

So maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is not; Can he deliver on his promises to the nation?, but rather, How will we help him deliver on his promises as a nation?

Alone, any-one-man can and will fail, but, if we rise together as a nation and focus positively, nothing can stop us, together we are an irresistible force, together we are unstoppable.

The reality is, he has given us back, the we, as in, we the people, as in, a government of the people, for the people, and most importantly, a government by the people.

He has already shown us, the we; when united and, positively focused on the possible, there is no impossible.

Can we build an electric car that goes 200 miles at 60 miles per hour?
Yes we can!

Can we achieve world peace?
Yes we can!
Can we eliminate poverty?
Yes we can!

Can we find a clean safe renewable source of energy?
Yes we can!

Can we educate every child to live up to their full potential?
Yes we can!

Can we insure every American?
Yes we can!

Can we clean up the financial crisis, restore sound fiscal policies and regulations?
Yes we can!

has taken away the excuse of, no we can't.
What more could we ask of any leader?

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Republicans are licking their wounds and trying to plot a course back to power. They have not yet fully realized that their cynical political games are unmasked. That we know who the men behind the curtain are and we are not afraid of the Mighty and Terrible Oz.

For two hundred and thirty two years, since the founders wrote those magnificent letters of promise to their progeny, there have been those, who, focused on their narrow needs and interests and have obstructed the fulfillment of that promise. News flash nothing will ever be the same because on November 4th 2008 their promise was fulfilled. Game over in spite of you. Check and mate.

Word for the day.

O-bam-at-tude [O-bomb-at-tood]
1. the realization that, together, we can achieve anything through positive focus, perseverance and strength of character, even the real American dream, that has eluded us until now, freedom and equality for all. esp. of the mind: As in; The realization that, yes we can!

© 2008 by Michael Weber

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