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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sound and Fury That Means Nothing

The failures of Republican policies are absolutely stunning, both their foreign policies and most recently their economic policies of reckless deregulation, that let greed on Wall street run rampant.

One would expect that in the face of such overwhelming evidence, there would have been some modicum of humility in recognition that those policies were at the root cause of much of this chaos.

Yet after the vote, that required our elected officials to put partisan ranker aside failed, the Republicans came out and blamed the failure to reach compromise squarely at the leadership of the Democrats and blame them for playing partisan politics, because their feelings were hurt by Nancy Pelosi.

An inconvenient truth they didn't mention, was the monumental failure of the Republican leadership, of President Bush, Secretary Paulson, John Boenher, Roy Blunt, and "Mighty Mouse McCain", who flew into save the day, last week, to convince a large portion of House Republican holdouts that the Nation was in serious trouble.

In a press conference after the failed vote, they were still singing their, free markets unrestrained capitalism, chant as if they were at a pep rally, like they still don't see a real connection between the collapse, and unregulated markets.

They seem to remove themselves from the greed on Wall street and the rampant corruptive influence of Wall street lobbyists on their decision making. They were more inclined to blame people that took out bad mortgages rather than on the people who without regulation formulated ever increasingly, risker ways to flim-flam an unsuspecting consumer, nation and world market. They seemed stunned that there was rampant greed at the root of Capitalism a religion they have long subscribed too.

Are they so naive that they don't know that, the very basis of the Capitalist system; is greedy self interest? In their perfectly absurd world of altered reality they think that everyone will treat others as they want to be treated, because they have a commonality of preserving the status quo, of balanced greed.

The fact is, there is and always has been and always will be, some who are greedier than others and they will inevitably steal everyone else blind, if left to decide what is too greedy. That's the reality of unregulated capitalism. Why else would it be, that 400 families in a nation of 364 million, hold 80 percent of the wealth of this nation.

They decry government as the problem. They are wrong. Government is the only way too establish balance that protects us from the rampant greed of others that would deprive us all of our economic liberty.

That is why all of their, "sound and fury"* means nothing, they are at the root of the problem not the answer to the problem. They drank the Cool-Aide and are wondering why we and this nation are as sick as we are, and their solution is to drink more Cool-Aide. More tax cuts for the rich and less government regulation.

Please reject these failed Republican policies on Nov. 4th. They are out of touch with every decent American that is honest and hard working. They have forgotten us, it's time we forget them. They have listened to their rich lobbyists friends, that buy their votes like common whores, for far too long, it's time they listened to those that elected them.

* “It is a tale … full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.” Quote from Macbeth

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