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"No body could have done a better job than Obama, with the economy he was handed —including me!" —Bill Clinton—

Monday, September 22, 2008

America America, for Endless Waves of Debt

As an American that has held a minority political and economic view for decades, I predicted this collapse some four years ago. If my view of the world is correct this adjustment was long over due. For the second time in our history the religion of unfettered capitalism has shown that greed has it own self limiting consequences.

We forgot the lessons of the Great Depression. And we let the Neocon Republican ideologues brow beat us into a stupor of complacency. Their political agenda of empire building and their manufactured constant state of paranoia from exaggerated external threats has put this country in a state of decline.

I love my country, it has contributed an ideal of individual freedom and equality that is to be aspired to, but, suffers from thinking itself greater than it is, and the truth is that its position in history is as fragile as any other country that would be an "empire".

The biblical admonition "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." seems appropriate. I hope that what emerges from the ashes is a humbler less self absorbed country.

To the "born again" Republican regulators and reformers No bailout. Not without massive over sight, restraints, and strict re-regulation of the banking industries. Its time "the real elitists" share the pain, the fat bastards that ran this into the ground. Absolutely No parachutes whatsoever for them. The average person in this country doesn't get severance or unemployment benefits when we screw up we get fired and thrown out the door. Let them share the pain of their incompetence. Personal responsibility its not just a Republican idea anymore.

To the Democrats who think the upcoming election will be a mandate to ever greater social programs: this country is flat ass broke. And America is in no mood for expanding the deficit, trust me on this, there is a growing rage in America that feels betrayed by its "elected leaders." You should embrace the T. Boone Pickens Plan for energy independence, he's brilliant and has thought this problem through. Plus it will put American's back to work almost immediately creating wealth again. Plus encourage old fashioned savings.

To both parties because of your failed leadership to come up with a sustainable energy plan, we have squandered our wealth, on "cheap oil", on conspicuous over consumption, cheap Chinese imports, unprovoked foreign wars and living beyond our means chasing an empty American Dream that over consumption will make us happy.

News Flash: Over consumption doesn't make us any happier than over eating makes us skinny.

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary."
— James Madison—

What Madison missed, is that, unfortunately, governments are made up of men.

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