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Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Maverick?

McCain's "Maverick" image is largely a myth. Consider his voting record, which supported the President 95% of the time. If going against the grain 5% of the time makes you a "Maverick" in the Republican party then I'd say its a bar that's more illusion than anything based in reality.

Even that 5% difference, has become suspect. Since he began running for president, he has disavowed the 5% percent of the issues that earned him that reputation in the first place.

McCain has backpedaled on the tax cuts he said were irresponsible in time of war, and now wants to make them permanent.

McCain cosponsored a bipartisan immigration bill, and now wants to build a useless fence instead of punishing the companies that break the law by hiring illegals.

McCain went on record rejecting the Republicans negative attack machine, now he has hired the same attack machine headed by Karl Rove that helped Bush get elected with some of the most scurrilous ads in American political history, i.e Swift Boaters.

McCain has railed against the influence of lobbyist on Washington politics and now employees a legion of lobbyists to run his, "straight talk" campaign.

McCain speaks with pride about the noble men who serve this nation in time of war and proclaims himself a veteran for veteran's, but, refused to support bipartisan legislation to reform the GI bill, motivated by the desire to keep GIs enlisted for a greater length of time.

McCain's policies far from being a change are the same tired old policies we have lived with for the last eight years years, policies that are proven failures.

Far from being the Change We Need McCain is, the Past we Must Reject!

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