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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin Pick Is Shocking

A recent headline from Politico: "Palin electrifies conservative base", is appropriate because it's shocking to the rest of us.

The shear cynical pandering of McCain to Hillary Clinton supporters by the selection of a conservative, christian, woman is breathtaking in its ham-fisted transparency.

The fact that Hillary's supporters voted for Hillary, not because she is a woman, but because she is, Hillary Clinton, and just happens to be a woman, is completely lost on McCain, re-enforcing Obama's allegation that, "McCain just doesn't get." It brings to mind a famous retort in the 1988 Vice Presidential debate. "Governor Palin, you're no Hillary Clinton"

The fact, that it has energized McCain's radical right wing base, solely because she falls into their narrow political ideology, having nothing to do with the real issues facing country, is another reason to take a long serious pause.

The base of the Republican party has spawned most of the problems this nation must overcome. It is directly responsible for the erosion of the Constitution with its tortured christian ideology.

Its stubborn opposition to the rights of gays, is only one example; the fact they want a Constitutional amendment that denies rights unalienable, to the rest of society, is not only unchristian, it is un-American, and it is unconstitutional.

On a strictly practical level it is truly shows that McCain's judgment is clouded at best. The man is 72 years old and by the time he takes office will be 73 years old. He has castigated Obama for his inexperience and has repeatedly said, his (McCain's) experience and judgement is why we should elect him.

The fact that he may very well die in office and leave the country in the hands of a woman who's sole experience is being a small town major and the governor of a sparsely populated state is truly insulting. And mind numbingly irresponsible, for a man of his so called "experience and judgment".

The reality is that Palin's sole qualifications and the reasons she is on the ticket, are: she is a, conservative, christian, woman who hunts and loves guns.

Can you say, desperate pandering?

I for one miss the John McCain who was more interested in his Nation's welfare than his own political fortunes.

The one that stood up to the christian right,
the one that rejected their influence in American politics,
the one that railed at the corruption of lobbyist,
the one that called for and end to pork barrel spending,
the one that castigated the republican attack machine,
the one that called for an end to negative attack ads.

Remember him John?

I do. I liked him, at one time, I would even have voted for him.

It is time that America gets back to selecting a President based on the issues and the common "wants" of the Nation, not on, a narrowly defined, radical, theologically* based political ideology that will destroy the Constitution and in the process the country we love.

We are a democracy, not a theocracy, they just don't get the difference.
We are all created equal not just the self-righteous chosen few.

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