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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why We Wait At Stop Signs When No One Else Is Around

Have you ever stopped at a stop sign when it was obvious that no one else was around? Why? As foolish as it may seem, the stop sign definitively illustrates the foundation upon which this country is based.

We are a nation based on the rule of law. Thomas Paine said that laws set by the government are what allow us to live in peace with one another. In the simplest sense. a law is nothing more than a rule that we set for ourselves and agree that if it is applied to one of us, it must be applied to all of us. Its the fair thing to do. Anything less would lead to chaos in society. Its just common sense that you can't have one segment of society ignoring the rules we set for ourselves.

Of course there is always someone who considers themselves special, the exception to the rule. And will offer a whole host of rationales to prove their point, but, as a society we cannot get caught up in these rationales as beguiling as they maybe. That's why we set up a system of justice to make sure that these laws are applied fairly. Here are several things to think about in that regard.

There are by some estimates 12 million+ "illegal", aliens in this nation. The supporters of this group object to the use of the word illegal as racist. In the english language the word, illegal, is defined as: not according to or authorized by law. There is nothing racist or derogatory about it. Its a neutral definition. We call them illegal because they have entered this country without complying with our immigration laws. They then compound that illegal act by using false documents, another illegal act.

My ancestors immigrated, as did the ancestors of every other legal resident of this country, including the American Indians who were the first immigrants.

The difference is most of the ancestors of current residents of this country waited at the stop signs, erected at the gateways of this country to gain entrance. Consider Ellis Island. That was the law then and its the law today. But they waited patiently knowing that this country was worth the wait. The question is not wether those who come here without proper documentation are here illegally, rather it is what we should do about it.

The solutions are not easy, now that we have allowed the problem to reach such unmanageable proportions. The logistics are mind boggling. How do you round up and deport 12 million+ people? How do you keep them from returning? It would be an impossible task.

In my view, the source of the problem are the U.S. employers who employ these illegal workers at great financial reward to themselves. They defend their actions by saying, "no American will do that kind work". Sorry that doesn't matter in the slightest. The law is the law until the majority of the country says differently. They too, are guilty of breaking the laws of this nation.

Question: Should these employers be fined and or imprisoned for breaking immigration laws?

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