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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Land Of The Free

I had a terrifying dream the other night.

In the dream I was no longer living in a country that loved truth and justice, or believed in the right of individuals to a fair trial, or that its citizens had an absolute right to privacy from the prying eyes of the government officials, they had elected to serve them. It was a country that started preemptive wars of outright aggression, much like our prior enemies of old who hated us and our democratic principals. It was an Orwellian country of double speak, where good was evil and evil was good, where a lie was truth and the truth a lie, where a patriot who spoke out was a traitor and a coward who did not serve his country honorably, sent honorable young men to war. It had become a country where I saw our elected officials pass legislation called The Patriot Act, which in fact was an Act of Treason, that undermined the very constitution they had taken an oath to protect from enemies both foreign and domestic. An act that took away in secret, many of our cherished freedoms and rights. It had become a country that in public abhorred torture and practiced it in secret in hidden prisons on foreign soil. It was a government that leaked lies and then sighted those lies as evidence that led us to war. It had become a government of powerful and petty men who punished anyone that said anything they didn't want to hear or that was contrary to their agenda.

In the dream, the government had debased the economy of this nation by selling out to special interest groups and lobbyists. It was run by men who told us repeatedly that government did not work, while all the time they were underfunding and cutting budgets and putting their incompetent cronies in top management positions, until in truth they could say, see, "we told you government doesn't work." It was a government of Homeland Security that failed secure our borders. It was a government of FEMA that failed to react to the federal emergency in New Orleans. It was a government of FDA that lets lead toys from foreign free trade agreements, poison our children and tells us cloned food is really great so we aren't even going to bother to label it, its the same, 'just trust us," agency that protects the Food and Drug companies, that sell us meat contaminated with ecoli and high priced drugs that don't work and have devastating and sometimes lethal side effects.

It was government that betrayed us and who no longer listened to the people that had elected them.

It was a government of remnant Tory seed that wanted us to bow down to kiss their royal asses. It is not lost on me that Jefferson rode unaccompanied to his inauguration, while the Princes we elect now days spend millions on lavish parties while homeless veterans languish in abject poverty.

You can imagine the terror I felt swelled to a near panic when I realized I was not sleeping, but awake, and clearly aware that my beloved country had been taken over by these men. My American Dream had become My American nightmare.

That current American reality is what this blog is about. My questions for discussion are:

How can this nation be free when we owe billions of dollars to the Chinese communists for a war that was a lie from the beginning?

How can this country be free when we are slaves to foreign oil interests?

How can this country be free when we continue to elect officials that undermine our basic rights?

I suggest that if we want to remain the land of the free,we vote every time there is an election and never for the incumbent. Because, politicians are like ticks, they'll suck your blood and they're damn hard to remove when they've been in there too long. So, Vote them all out, every time you vote, until they get the message. Its our country, take it back! Let's declare the next election Independents day!

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